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Alaska whale watching and sea kayaking

Alaska Whale Watching

Witnessing the beauty and grace of whales in their natural environment is a truly unique and rewarding experience - unlike any other. Prince William Sound has an abundance of whales, renowned as an Alaska whale watching jewel.

From the decks of our Nordhavn 40 trawler yacht, you have an excellent chance to find whales and an unparalled view when you find them. Dall Porpoises play in the Faithfully’s bow wave, Orca whales breach and leap into the air, and Humpback whales swim gracefully around us. Unlike large cruise ships, our smaller vessel doesn’t disturb the whales – the often enjoy the audience as a matter of fact, showing great curiosity in onlookers.

Whales are by no means the only wildlife you will see. From bears and moose to sea otters and sea lions, you'll see a wide variety of wildlife which make Prince William Sound their home.

Let Over the Seas Expeditions treat you to an Alaska whale watching adventure which you won't soon forget.


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